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The Best in The HEMCOChrome™ process is superior, that's no secret. How we get there is. The Business ASAP Service When you need your gage now, you can count on Hemco to deliver on the promised date. Our 99.6% track record speaks for itself. Hemco Gages Superior gages since 1946. Innovation is our legacy.

GageSaver™ Service

Your worn gages are worth money! Bring your worn gage to us, regardless of the original manufacturer, and for the same reduced price. We will rework your worn gage to a like new condition OR we will replace your worn gage with a new one.

HEMCOChrome™ Pins

High quality chrome pins that last 3-5X longer than the competition. Need a special length or feature? Our focus is manufacturing gages out of the realm of ``standard``.

HEMCOChrome™ Process

Lower your costs by lengthening your gage life! Do not be fooled by cheap imitators -- insist on HEMCOChrome™

Quality Statement

Hemco Gage is committed to supply gaging and calibration services which exceeds industry, military and customer requirements. Every employee and supplier shall conform to the established requirements until such time that the requirements are officially changed. The goal for quality in manufacturing and service is a constant focus to continually improve.

We Provide

Including our famous HEMCOChrome™

Knowledgeable & Enthusiastic

HEMCOChrome™ Pins

Gages of all shapes and sizes, even custom gages

Including: GageSaver™ Service, A.S.A.P. Program and Calibration Services

More holes gaged per dollar than our competition.

Nancy and Sharla, I have greatly enjoyed getting to know the Hemco team, and truly appreciate all that you have done for us. Hemco has continually demonstrated a standard of excellence not often seen elsewhere. I will hope to have an opportunity to reach out to Hemco in my future endeavors. Best wishes to everyone!!

Mel Chapman |

Quality Assurance Manager

Seriously, Hemco’s gages stand out in our collection, quality stuff no question.

Randy S. Balthaser, Quality Manager at PTCAlliance|

I just want to start by saying I truly appreciate all of you at Hemco. Everyone is always so helpful and patient as I’m still very much in a learning process. I can’t thank Nancy Lannon enough for the time she often spends explaining things or walking me through them.

Customer |

Nancy, I just wanted to send you a big thank-you to you and everyone there, getting me the gages I ordered in a very fast time meant a lot to what we have been going through here. The lady I talked to that handles the certification process was very helpful. So please pass it on that it was much appreciated thanks again.

Quality Technician|

Very glad to going back to using your good quality gage !


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